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Marshanda side of me

I am in the business where I have to be nice to get things done. I don’t always follow that unanimous consent. I do get angry sometimes to those who deserve it. Although someone says that I am too sweet even when I’m angry.

This evening I got several emails asking for my eyes and fingers. But I could not help it not to include my heart. She was telling me the hardship of being angry at, being considered bad for not enough reasons at all, being treated rude–she shouldn’t have been, really, being labelled, all by one person considering herself as an authoritative power. Now I am mad and really want to shout at her saying:

“I am THE ONE with authority in this matter. You work for ME. I tell YOU the standard for that person to achieve! And guess what, it’s not yours!” 

I would wana lose myself like that, but referring to the first sentence of this post, I will have to refine my words.
Let me tell you how it happened:

I was in charge of a program that eventually sending people to several places to meet their mentors. What is a mentor? Well,…according to Agam (2010), a mentor is someone who cares enough in a very positive way to bring out the best in their mentees. There is one mentor that thinks she was superb!!! Well,..think again!
She used sarcastic words to her mentee that caused traumatic experience to her and of course her friends–words are spread out. Let alone I am writing this on my blog :).

That mentor has been infamous for being herself!!!! I began to wonder what happened with her in the past. But then again, I wouldn’t care at all!!! She said bad things to her mentee that sounded like a villain in Indonesian sinetrons. Now, …this is NOT the first time. I have tried with all my might not to let this happen again. I failed this time, though. I was not in a place not to assign her.

We have this very good information seeking that we believe will help us in our works. With the self-image we carry–real or not–people come to us to tell stories. And we have another information seeking methods to crosscheck what happened. I do feel that I do not need to do crosschecking on this one, but professionally I had and will do it again.

My plan was when all the data I got is complete, I will come to her and show her everything. Not that she doesn’t know her problems. Oh, she does!!!! And she had better be knowing those!!!! It’s just that she keeps doing it again and again. Now that’s wat I call one of the 7 habits of wateverictive people. Back to my plan, I will compile all the data and show her what happened from other people’s point of view. Will it work? Seriously, I am fed up with all this.

However, the victim in this matter asked me not to tell her that. As a friend, I wouldn’t coz I understand how she feels. But, sorry, as a professional, I have to and I will!!!!!

Last but not least, I wish I can say this right in front of her face:

Writing all these makes me feel like Marshanda. LOL.

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3 responses to “Marshanda side of me

  1. windearly

    According to Wind (2010), One should be in full composure if s/he wants to get the message acrossed. Otherwise, the listener will not get what you mean.(jeh…serius banget gue… ;p)

  2. mariskova

    Last but not least, I wish I can say this right in front of her face…"Wishing won't get you anywhere. You can still say it right in front of her (whoever she is) sweetly or no-so-sweetly.

  3. Je

    wind: expertnya namanya kurang populer. sorry g tau. kakakakakakakak.kova: mmmm hehehehe. i will…sweetly…teteeeeeeeep 🙂

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