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All parents should watch!

I just finished watching DVD entitled HORSEMEN. Dennis Quaid stars in it. It’s a cool movie. I really do hope that all parents watch this movie coz this thriller will teach parents a great deal of parenting hood. I won’t tell how the movie goes. It’s just cool for a thriller 🙂


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2 responses to “All parents should watch!

  1. exort

    iya bener keren deh, apalgi pas kejar2an di mall, wah seru banget tuh, cuma sayangnya endingnya jagoanya mati ya….eh salah film ya heheheh

  2. Je

    itu kan settingnya di pasar, xort. bukan di mall. huh,…dasar orang2 jaman sekarang. uda pada g ke pasar lagi!!!

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