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here’s how day 1 turned out to be

So we went by train–Sembrani. The train was just being upgraded, if I’m not mistaken. It was cool, nice and comfortable. Something happened otw. Well, actually many things happened such as intellectual conversation, conversation block, confessions–many of them–shocking ones, and others. We actually arrived exactly on time as scheduled. A standing ovation for PJKA.
Then we tried to locate a clean restaurants–which is impossible in Surabaya, of course. Hehehe. Then we headed home. I really miss my mommy :). Good that she is in a very healthy state of mind and physic. Then me and my friend slept like two babies. Hehehehe. We (well,..I ) got up at noon and prepared to go to SUTOS–Surabaya Town Square. I planned to meet an old friend there. The best one ever.
We watched a movie first, though. BOLT. Great movie, bad theater. It was hot and not enough space to make it comfortable for us (We are big guys :)). Then we met Endang. Wooooow!!! Lots of lots of lots of conversation. It was great. My last question to her was: “When can we meet again?”
Then we headed to Tunjungan Plaza. We bought two tickets for Madagascar 2. AT the moment of writing this post, we are waiting for the movie to start while enjoying the free wi-fi at the food court. Anything free is always good, right?
Catch u later on the second day, everyone 🙂

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