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Let us go back a little to the past. I have this bestfriend whom I joke a lot and vice versa. She is one of the coolest person I have met in my entire life, rili.

So, what’s wrong with us? Well, nothing. I mean, I would not call quarreling as something wrong. Hihihihi. I would not consider the fact that my girlfriend believed her more than she believed me as something wrong. Hehehehe. I would not call talking trash about her coz she was talking trash about me as something wrong. Huauauauauauauauahauhauhauahuahauhaua. Well, we should be nominated as best friends of the year, rili. Until one day…

Both of us had this enemy–a man who was fake. You know, he was the kind of man who would smile like he had to but did it widely. Not that we were stupid, but seriously, it did not take a genius to question his sincerity when it comes to office politics.

Anw, one day there was a political joke and ges wat, I was the joke. Everybody had fun laughing at me. She was sitting next to me rubbing my arms calming me down. Oh, man, I was calm. I was so calm they did not know a tornado was coming. I said one sentence that she later described as slick, sharp, deep, yet unbelievably smart! And there was the biggest laughter in that very room.

After that “show”, we had this dinner together and we talked. I remember she was sayin’ somethin’ like:

“C’mon, tell me, was that really a joke or a true comment?”

And I was startled. There I was sitting in front of a girl that I thought knew everything about me yet she questioned the intention of my remarks? I asked like–if only I counted seriously–thousands of time whether she seriously did not know which one my sentence belonged to–a joke or a serious remark.

She did not know. And to make things worse, she said that most of the time, she just didn’t know if I were joking or I was talking about life and death. I ended that conversation with one sentence that I still love to say:

“Well I guess that’s part of my charm.” (The sentence is a joke, anw. Just thought that you would get confused.)

Now, seriously, I never consider myself as a homework that ANYONE should think about after they arrive at home before sleep. And I am not one of the world’s mystery to solve. I am not some psychology test that direves people crazy. And I am not an unsolvable equation. Fyi, I hate maths. I am just this tiny–a figurative speech, ok???-man amongst other who sometimes would react like an ant when he or she or it–if you would like it that way-is stepped by a human’s foot. I fight back. And they way I do it, well, that would depend on the situations, right?

I think what I want to tell anyone who reads this post is that, I am just as normal as you are. If you fail to understand me, well,… you do not have to do it in the first place at all.. Or maybe you got it all wrong. I am just like you. And if you question things about me, put yourself in my shoes–if you have time–then you will know all the answers that are to know about me. I am as normal as you are.

And if you think that i do not make your sense, then maybe you yourselves do not make your sense. My last sentence would be a simple repetition:

I am as normal as you are.

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I'm a true ARIES--If you know what I mean. If you don't, google it:)

4 responses to “Normal

  1. Renotxa

    ouw no. we’re not admit you as normal as we are, uncle. You’re living on jupiter but Maher Zain. nyihiiiii….
    Terkadang ada saja yg keji melibatkan kita. Dan bikin paradigma aneh orang2 sekitar dalam jangka waktu yg lama.

  2. It’d be an honor for me if anyone tries to understand me because -you know- I piss people off every time.

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