Chapter 6
This same Richard was sharing his somewhat attractive ideas to his father when it his father to invite the greatest minds on earth to help make this invention distinguished…writers. Who else could come up with great things different from the common people? There were twelve of them together in one room for only two hours until the birth of the name and the concept of “TWINKLE”.
A chip planted in humans’ backbones connecting nerves and coordination system that contains liquid to protect skin from ozone? The idea was like Alice in Wonderland. Liquid in a chip? The owner of the great brains solved it in another one hour—it is rechargeable!
The one-hour answer was then processed for another six months by the scientists. And then everyone at AURA said:
“World,…meet TWINKLE!”
AURA is a very careful mother. She will not let her daughter mocked by her peers. The daughter should be perfect. The scientists ran thousands of tests on TWINKLE. They were all confidential. The idea of recharging twinkle is so impractical yet profitable. Imagine if people all over the world have to recharge their twinkle every certain period of time. AURA will be the richest company all over the world. However, where was the social mission? The tests continued…
The team gathered once again. This time the meeting was harder than ever. The scientists were accusing the writers for being irrational. The writers were very proud of it. The scientists really got into their nerves while the writers only reminded them of their greatest than the scientists did not have…imagination.