“How do I want Michelle to die?”

He nodded. I hate these moments when my alter ego was control.

“You are right! I AM in control. Do you know why?”

I tilted my head slightly to the left because I wonder what his answer might be.

“You are weak!”

“I am not weak!”

“We have passed Denial! As a matter of fact, we have spent hilarious moments dealing with your denial. We will get to this your being weak later. But now, the ultimate question–HOW DO YOU WANT MICHELLE TO DIE?”

That question gave me a goose bumps. I just couldn’t imagine a death of Michelle. I do hate her more than hatred itself. But dead? Drowned?”

“A-ha! Now, we’re talking!”

“What?” I was shocked. “We were not talking!”

“I am you! I heard the word dealing with WATER! I like that.”

“NO! NO!”

“NO? Water is nice. It’s a slow death.”




“NO WATER is ok. Fire?”

Michelle’s body got burned?

“You have always wanted that body but you are not getting it anyway. It might as well that she herself doesn’t have it anymore.”



And I was emotionally thrown to the corner of the room.

“Fire? The crackle people hear will not be of the fire. It will be of her bones!I+ I  L-I-K-E  Y-O-U! You improved!”

My mind thought hard. It raced against the will of my alter ego. If Michelle had to die after all, it has to be a quick death. No pain.”

“A quick death, you mean like an accident?”

“Quick death, slow death, Michelle dies.”

“Michelle dies!”