Note: This post is a part of the series “ALTER EGO”.


“So you are a strong personality,…finally!” My alter ego said that to me and the next thing I knew, his laughter filled out the room.

“What do you mean with strong personality?”

“Hahahahahahahaha. We just talked about Michelle, right? The way you wanted her to die is a proof that your personality is getting stronger!”

“Mine never weak!” I was mad.

He flew from far so close to me and shouted with his bad breath:

“NEVER???? ALWAYS!!!!”

I was thrown by the air from his mouth only. I was small. I was nothing.

“What makes you think people like you? Because your opinion does not matter for shit.”

I was hugging my knees so closely for protection.

“You always make it up to them to decide on things! You never…NEVER have an opinion and if you do, it does not matter!”

I was shrinking ultimately. I knew he was right. I hate that.

“Of course I am God damn right! I see right through you. I llllllive inside you!!!! You are weak. You have always been weak. And I exist from your fear. I have to be one handling all the shit you suffer in your pathetic life!”

And all the memories flashed before me,…before him…memories that stated how right he was. And I still hate that.