Taken a back by reflection

“Of course I am God damn right! I see right through you. I llllllive inside you!!!! You are weak. You have always been weak. And I exist from your fear. I have to be one handling all the shit you suffer in your pathetic life!”

And all the memories flashed before me,…before him…memories that stated how right he was. And I still hate that.

Having my alter ego saying that right in front of my face really troubled me. I started to recall the moments…the bad ones.

I was at my school in a group work. There was Nina, Tommy, Jack, Jane and I. We were discussing a science project for the group work final exam. Four of us chose to do the mimic of volcanic eruption. I suggested to us to do a tornado simulation. They disagreed and I was just quiet. And in the end, they left all the job in making the volcanic eruption to me. And I couldn’t say no. And such things happened often.

At home, I did everything my myself with anger.. I gave the volcano the night before the presentation to Jack and told him not to try things out because I only use minimum ketchup and mayo. He agreed. Or maybe I should have said: He didn’t bother trying after all.

Then it was the day of the presentation. And of course Jack was the one presenting. He was reading my notes on the procedures of erupting the volcano. And he did it. He did it a bit too well. He lit up the wire. And it blew up! It really did. Jack’s hair was on fire. And the fire also burned the paper on the mountain and everything else nearby.
Five of us were sent to the principle. Nobody believed that I had done that. I was the nicest one among the crowd. And honestly speaking, I did not believe that it was me either. And it wasn’t me, really.

It was my alter ego who put a pack of cigarette inside the mini mountain.