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My birthday (not) wishes

Many people when having their birthdays would have a long list of wish that may look like this one below:

-Play Station Portable

-Eroupe trip

-New laptop

-New and expensive outfit

-Dinner with boy/ girl/ bestfriend(s)

-New android phone(s)

-Get drunk all night and sleep all day

And some would prefer to have a short list of wish but the one that is broad in sense and rather impossible to happen like the ones below (choose one only):

-Have a better life

-Become a better person

-Be luckier in love life

And many others that may be granted when you are truly truly blessed (before you say that those list were actually possible, look at yourselves and your sins and then recalculate the probability).

Now, what do I want? I did say to some what I really want for my birthday. But then again, I think it would be nicer to have something different. How about having things that I do not want to have for my birthday? Now, I have a long list:

-I do not want to have unnecessary grudge to others.

-I do not want to feel bad about myself after i (am forced or not) help people in need.

-I do not want to be left behind of things that become the talk of the town.

-I do not want to have to sacrifice my needs for others as often as I felt in the past.

-I do not want to keep on smoking as a getaway of a problem which only I know.

-I do not want to have a silly competition among other people.

-I do not want to beg for attention that I THOUGHT I deserve.

-I do not want to even think of deserving attention from others.

-I do not want to be OFTEN bothered with people’s problems when I do not even come to them if i have my own.

-I do not want to be persuaded by others who think that they are sooo good in persuading me.

-I do not want people to ask about my love life since (i have said this many times enough) my love life is not for public consumption.

-I do not want people to question decisions that I have made over my PERSONAL matters.

-I do not want people to do some lipservice to me when it’s fake (I can tell, really).

I seriously can go on longer with this list as I age. But for now, those are things that I do not want for my birthday. Now tell me, can you make all the situations above not come true for me? If you can, then you give me a very nice birthday..the one I woud remember the most.

Thank you and happy birthday (or not) to you, too.


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I'm a true ARIES--If you know what I mean. If you don't, google it:)

4 responses to “My birthday (not) wishes

  1. Apapun, bagaimanapun, semoga keberkahan dalam sisa hidupmu lebih baik dalam segala urusan kedunia-akhiratan. Semoga Rabb meridhoi niat baikmu. Selamat Milad btw. Mintalah padaNya agar bisa mentraktir teman-temanmu. *gandol sikil ah.

  2. syndi ⋅

    hmmm….a nice way for *celebrating* your birthday…i hope there will be some nice people who can make those situations away… 😀

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