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In search of perfection

JE-31 found himself in such a beautiful forest. It’s the one where you can see birds flying low near you leaving you with steps of wind you have on your clapping hair. The one that makes you bow sown a little to sav your head yet arouse curiosity.

Aint he blessed with such a view among many dazzling others? She was with her like-no-other mission in search of perfection. He shouted at a bird:

“Are you perfection?”

Chirping was the only thing he got and that was not long since the wind took over. Then hhe and his amazement walked. Then he met a snake luring the tree in lust. It owned not just what the tree was but altogether with the how it lived. He witnessed surrenderring of will not of despair. Boy they had fun-the carress of every inch. And who was carressing? Who was in the euphoria of admiration?

“Are you perfection?”

Would they be too preoccupied with each other? Then he walked. Boyshe walked. He walked to find a lake of beauty bestowed by nature. Was it the cripple of the water? Was it the grass guarding around? Was it the surprise splash of the rocks he threw? Was it the narcissus shadow that lived?

“Are you perfection?”

Then there were the smell of the soil after the rain. Did it define the freshness within? Was it a mortal experience? Was that perfection?

Maybe not when he looked above and was warmed by the array of light. He could live with only that? But what just entered his soul? Air that breezed in? Was it from the earlier wind? It came through an entrance but it did not stay there. It wandered everywhere taking a differrent form…a thicker one with a darker color. It’s blood. It made him listen to a voice that brough awarness:


“Wake up.”

Then he found himself among others. But he was alone. He was alone. And then he was not. And the silence…there was silence. And the light was on.

“So, what have we learnt?”

Hands were raised. He found that his was too. And he heard his own voice said:

“Perfection is everywhere to spot…if we only know where to find it.”

And then there was a nod. And now he knew how to admire life.


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I'm a true ARIES--If you know what I mean. If you don't, google it:)

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  1. renotxa

    Komen dibayar.

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