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a bottle=a tree

Look, I am not the concerned type when it comes to environment. Not THAT concerned, at least. But something happened to me last nigh that got me thinking. I was having a good saturday night experience in Gandaria City. My friends and I were strolling along till I felt thirsty. So I decided to buy a bottle of mineral water to quench my thirst. I entered LOTTE MART and took what I wanted then waited in line. My turn came and that was it. It was done. I got my mineral water, my change and a receipt. And O My God! I got a looong receipt for buying only ONE bottle of mineral water. Check out the pics below  to see how long it is!!!

They said that a piece of paper wasted is almost the same as one tree cut. I just don’t wana count how many trees are cut per day when you you do your monthly shopping there.


PS: …although I don’t do numbers.

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