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The island of “Thanks God”

This morning I got a phone call from a friend who recently lost his mother because of a sickness. And at the same time, he also has trouble in his love life. I guess I was a listener for him. And after the phone call, my mind wandered to the land far far away called ‘Thanks God’.

Jadi dia cerita macem2 lah. Mulai dari sedih n kangennya dia sama mamanya, kesehatannya sendiri yang lagi kurang baik, kerjaan yang belum dapet2 juga, pacar yang selingkuh, temen2nya yang ninggalin dia. You name it, he has it.

The thing is,..I am not normally a person who gives advice. I am normally a listening kind of person. I give advice only in two situations:

1. When being asked

2. When I want the call to end (Jahat? I know.)

Now, he asked me for advice. Then I asked:

“Hari ini mau ngelakuin apa?”

Dia ngejawab:

“I want to go to the hospital where my mom was taken care before she passed away. You know, rekindle the past. After that, I’m going to memorize some articles in Qur’an. Perhaps later I will go to an internet cafe to browse around some business to do.”

“Do you know already what business you want to do?”


“Lemme ask a question, do you think your mom wants you to be at the hospital thinking about her?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Then don’t go there,..not NOW. And if you know already what business you want to d, then why go to the internet cafe for that?”

“I also want to think clearly on what I have to do later when rekindling the past of my mom.”

“And you can actually think there? You see, here’s what our friends thought of you. You are “FUN”, you are “A FULL-SPIRITED MAN”.And now, you are not like that anymore. And perhaps, that’s why your friends left you. They had fun “dreaming” with you. Remember your plans to go together out of town? Your friends were enthusiastic about it coz it’s fun…coz it’s you. And now, when it’s not fun, they left you. And you were so afraid of being alone, right?”

I took it that he nodded on the other line.

“All I wana say is that, maybe it is time to be alone. Maybe it is time to walk instead of driving a car, to eat at warteg instead of a big restaurant, to watch your cable TV instead of some Hollywood movies, to save what’s there instead of spending what’s not there.”

And while saying all those things, I only have person in mind…myself.

On the island of “Thanks God’, I survived… And I hope he does, too.


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3 responses to “The island of “Thanks God”

  1. Renotxa

    I’ll do the same thing if i were you, Om Je. I was a 14 y/o (now i am 15.hahaha…) when i lost my lovely Opa. I did cross around his house just to memorized all of memories.
    Mungkin banyak cara untuk bisa mengingatnya. Masa-masa awal memang berat saat itu. Dan akhirnya jadi orang “aneh”. I lost my shoal spirit. Dan emak emang lakuin hl yg sama seperti yg Om Je lakuin skg. Dengan tidak mensimulasi kenangannya melalui tempat2 yg beliau “akrabi”. Itu ndak mupuk kesedihan berlarut-larut. Dan kembali ke dunia einteirtein yg membesarkan kita…*nyemplung kali.

  2. Great….So much Great om..I hope your friend can undersatnd and realize that he is much much Loveable and full of Spirit. It’s also a blessing if we become a good listener..Give Thanks to God every time everywhere we go..All the pain will feel sweet if we put GOD in to it..*Religious Mode on

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