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Friendship analysis

I have a lot of friends in my life. Some friends I want, some I don’t, some others I just stumble upon at a point of my life. If you were my friends reading this you might wonder in which category you belong to-that is if you care.
I have this one specific friend I used to get very close with and then stopped for a reason. My dearest friend realized and sensed my changes. And I guess she let me be me. After some times, we talked like old friends at the lobby of my office and she said something I remember vividly: I guess you have a lot of circle of friends that are not tangled one another and you go to one circle to another depending on how you are at certain times. Unlike some, you do not keep your friendship well.’
She was right to the point like the torch of liberty to the sky. She said it nicely and I heard it nicely as well. She was right. She was right as right can be. She would probably the only reason that the word ‘right’ exists!
Is that bad? Being me is it bad? Not to me (of course). I think a friend should be ready to be a friend and turn to be a bestfriend or even turning to be an acquitance only. Take it this way, I’m a bank. If you want to invest some of your money, you have to know the program that you can afford. You don’t get a program higher that what you have. You can ask questions about it, but if you keep expecting to get the program by asking questions while at the same time I know exactly that you can’t afford it, then I’ll just consider you too much. Then I’ll escort you to the door. You need to smell the fresh air and be sober about who you are.
However, it is easy for me to offer you kinds of programs although your money is not enough. I might foresee things from you that will grow with me. Then I’ll explain things gladly.
Once I wrote about the benefit theory in this blog under the category ALTEREGO. Well, for me, that was not my alterego. That was me. And up to this point, I have always been someone that is mever afraid of losing friends. Nop, not me. I can be a very arrogant person if I have to be. Trust me on that.
Now, you ma have different opinions about me after reading this post. Well, before you do, crosscheck it with what you have done to me. Did you or did you not go for the right program with the right capital?

–selfish n arrogant Je-

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7 responses to “Friendship analysis

  1. qq

    Well, you cannot just mix one circle of friends to another, right? Not involved in all of your best friend’s activities does not necessarily mean that he/she left you. I do and experience it and never consider myself or my friends as being selfish.

  2. Renotxa

    Is not bad being you or somebody else normally, uncle Je.
    Friend, best friend or even just a acquaintance kayaknya emang pilihan masing-masing personal. Well down thought. Gak masalah mau kau tempatkan dimana kami sekalian manusia. So, porsi alterego padamu, jikalau itu memang menghambatmu, cari banyak cara untuk mengendalikannya tanpa harus menghilangkannya total.

    • Sumpah lo dewasa banget ya. Saluuuuut. Hhehehehe. I guess the problem is,…I told someone not to bother me in two weeks since I would have lots n lots of things to do that I was afraid to get pissed off by anyone. But that particular friend just don’t get it and keep contacting me. And I was pissed off. That’s it, I guess.

  3. Renotxa

    Beberapa bulan juga pernah ngalamin sesuatu kayak gini nih. Merasa terfokus pd satu karya yg prioritas waktu dengan teteman jd “terhambat”. KAsih pengertian jd pekerjaan sia-sia pula. (Nasib).Ganggu banget.
    Terkadang kita gak bisa menghalangi perhatian & kasih sayang orang lain ke kita y, Om Je. Kl sabarnya uda “abis”, mending bersyukur (banyak yg kontakin ajak makan gratis)
    .Cara simpel anak ingusan ini biasanya cuma geletakin “silent-phone” di kamar Sampai waktu luang.

  4. You just like you are…no need to be another program..let everyone understand about that program..because every program is different and unique

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