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Control (part 1)

Note: This is the continuation of the ALTER EGO–the series.


“Hey you!”

My alter ego was sitting on the corner of my room. He called me and I tried my very best to turn to him. My eyes glued to the screen of my laptop.

“I know you can hear me.”

My full concentration was set on wikipedia page on alter ego.

“Whatever it is you want to find out about me, you can just ask. I will be gladly answering your questions.”

“I don’t need you.” I shouted. And after I did, I realized that I made a mistake. I opened a channel for him to come in.

He rose from his sitting position. He rose tall. His head touched the ceiling and he had to go hunch back. And his head moved closer to me. So close that I could actually feel him on my neck. And it gave me goosebumps.

“Get away from me!” I shouted.

“Die. Die and I’ll go away…if I don’t see you in hell! Hahahahahaha.” His laughter was deafening and I was scared. I left the chair closing my ears like an autistic child looking for a shelter from the crowd. I sat down on the other corner of my room still closing my ears with my palms.

Then he sat down before the computer and giggled. His eyes glued on the screen.

“Seriously,…” He said. “This site tells you that the alter ego thing started in the early nineteenth century? Hahahahahaha.”

We are old, you know. We are a lot order that 19th century.

With his head only 20 cm from the screen, he turned his eyes on me.

“Well,…well,… look where we are now. I am sitting before your computer and you are cornered there? Weren’t we used to be at others’ place?”

He got me thinking. And I knew that thinking about him was the wrongest thing ever. That was wrong and stupid. For once again he would control me like nights before.

“Mmmm you were thinking about control. Let’s play a game, shall we?”

“No! No!” I shook my head. His game means only one…someone dies!

–to be continued–

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