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Online games–school setting

A colleague of mine was sharing her frustration on her colleague who are sooo strict toward her students. I recommended some tips and then she asked for some references. So, I decided to go online for some articles on that. I typed various keywords and my last ones were this: strict teacher. I came across this website that I find veryyyyy interesting.

The website that I talk about is a game website…online, of course. On the front page there are several games related to teachers. I clicked the one with the title: SCHOOL KISSING BREAK. O, My God, the title says it all! If you click “play”, you will be taken into a classroom with four students–3 boys and a girl and a strict-looking teacher. Two boys are cheering the other boy and the girl. Just click your mouse on the couple and have a laugh of your life.

Oia, I almost forgot to give you the link. Here, click here :).


And if I were you, I would try other games :).

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2 responses to “Online games–school setting

  1. daff ⋅

    tried the game. deg deg-aaaaan! finished all levels. which meaaans? i have a great strategy and good time management. LOL.

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