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Devil–some comments

DEVIL is one of my most awaited movie. I am soooo crazy about this Mr. Shyamalan. Why shouldn’t I? hy shouldn’t u? Hasn’t he brought you coolest movies (except THE HAPPENING)? Look at some movies he makes in the list below:

1. The sixth sense

2. Unbreakable

3. The sign

4. The village

5. Lady in the water

6. The last airbender


Some list, huh? All of them are great movies to watch. They worth all the money you spend on the theater. And so is the last one–DEVIL.

Telling the existence of a devil among five persons trapped in an elevator is an awesome idea that probably none of us would think of. It’s just so brilliant. From the moment the movie began until it ends, it will give you a creep constantly. It’s just GREAT! If great is just a just. Seriously guys,…this movie is an awesome thriller. Know wat, I watched it in Premiere and I had a trembling time in which I got scared but having no one to rush my elbows onto (I usually do that and I do that quite often that my movie partners–whoever they are–give up complaining. LOL.).

This movie opens with an article from a bible–PETER. That one gives us a clue about what to expect from this movie, but still, it gives you something beyooond wat you can imagine.

As usual I will not talk much about the movie. You can check out for that. They are more complete in reviewing it. This post will be about full admiration for Mr. Shyamalan.

The first contact I had with him was through his movie The sixth sense. We were told of Bruce Willis’ story following a case of a young child seeing a ghost while whoalaaaa… Bruce himself is the ghost. And how about the village? Groups of people were being terrorized by freaky creatures. And what’s the purpose? So that everyone stays! But wait, how about Lady in the water? SO you guys know that he wrote that lullaby for his kids and then turned it into a movie? THAT is a well-created legend, really. I just can’t imagine he actually wrote that for his kids and read for them before they go to bed. I guess he planned a serious nightmare for his own kids (at this point I prefer to have my own dad! LOL). How about UNBREAKABLE? The balance of good and evil. When a man who cannot be broken by anything finally feels complete after he finds a fragile fellow? Eat that!!! And now,…DEVIL.

Just go to the theater guys and check out this reversed cross.

PS: You might wana climb the stairs of the movie theater instead of taking the elevator or…else :).


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