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Four Mes–Part 2

Writer’s note: This is the continuation from the post: Four Mes–Part 1.


What if one day you woke up with four other you dressed and acted the same way as you do? For you it might be just a question, but for me, it was a reality. And this is my story.

I was not sure in what kind of state I was nor should I have been. All I remembered is that everything started with a terrible headache that I suffered. I opened my eyes and there in front of me stood the three other me.


I thought that was my lead to jump in. “OK. I got the big idea,” then I started to mumble “although it was too big of an idea which reminded me of the “I have a dream”.

“Ok,” I went on. “What have you tried?”

“Like… many while you were snoring.”

I never realized that being me is so annoying until I met C.

“Look, C, I have to admit that your being cynical is astonishing, but..”

“C??” He cut me in the middle.

It was a slip of the tongue but I have to explain the system to them, I guess. I told them that I decided to A, B, C, D us. And they laughed.

“I need to find system. I feel safe to hold on to something.” I defended myself.

“Well, hold on to this problem instead, will you?” C’s remarks—by now—can be categorized as the most sarcastic ones among the three.

“How long has it been since the first one of us woke up?”

“My Rolex is dead.”

“My Heuer, too.”

“What’s your brand?”

“And now it matters? I thought you were asking about time?”

“Just answer!”

“Swiss Army.”

“Mine’s Ferrari.” I was startled.

“And what does tell you? That all expensive watches suck?”Asked B.

“We are ALL rich.” I was still startled.

“Halleluya!” C made another remark that was quite funny for A and B and probably for me too if I wasn’t busy getting an ideas for similarities among us.

“There is one similarity now besides our appearance.”

“Where is this going?” Asked A.

“I was just thinking that maybe we can find out the way to get outta here if we know the reasons why we were put here at the first place.” I explained. And it seemed that my explanation was accepted although slowly by the other three of me.

I went on.

“I came for California.”

“Me, too.” Said B

“Yeah.” C just joined the club. And then everyone looked at A. And he nodded.

“I’m a banker.” C started another category.

“I’m a CEO of a bank.”

“An investor.”

“I’m an accountant.”

“Rich, money, California. We need more.” I said.

“I’m married.”


“Never want to.”

“Two married Jacks here.”

The finding-similarity game that we were playing went on for quiet sometimes. We asked or I should say told each other some information based on several categories and we stopped when we began to feel like it was a dating club for homosexuals. We found some similarities and differences that told us nothing…nothing at all.

My despair struck me with an idea:

“Maybe it will stop by itself in time.”

“In time of what?? Asked A.

“In time when it stopped.” I replied.

“Or should we kill each other like in SAW the movie?”

“I don’t see any weapon here.” Said C.

“Well, I can finish you with bare hands.” A strong statement came form B.

“You are most welcomed to try.” Challenged C.

“Should I take the challenge? I am beginning to think of strangling your neck.”

“Go fuckin’ ahead!” C shouted.

“Shut up, C!” A tried to stop him.

“Don’t C me! I am not a C. I am Professor Jack Dolton!”

That statement silenced everyone. I broke it.

“I…am also a professor.” My eyes were like a pair of child’s eyes in front of Santa.

“Me, too.” Then we looked at B that nodded.

“But you said you were a banker?” I asked C for confirmation.

“I graduated in economics as a professor. I used to teach at local college and I am applying for Princeton College.”

“I went to Princeton College, too!” I almost shouted. Then the other two of us seemed to share that, too. Apparently during our dating game we did not care much of our educational background.

“And I did apply for a lecturing job there but it was long time ago.” I added.

“They turned me down, I guess.”

“You did, too?” I was asking confirmation from A and I got it.

“Know what, if I’m not mistaken, I was on my way to…” C did not continue his sentence or even if he did, I did not hear it. I did not know what happened next.



(to be continued)

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  1. daff ⋅

    i have problems in remembering which one is A, B, C, or D with each of the characters. *lupa alfabet*

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