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FOUR MEs–Part 1

What if one day you woke up with four other you dressed and acted the same way as you do? For you it might be just a question, but for me, it was a reality. And this is my story.

I was not sure in what kind of state I was nor should I have been. All I remembered is that everything started with a terrible headache that I suffered. I opened my eyes and there in front of me stood the three other me.

“Finally.” Said one of me.

I was just silent. I mean, not every day do I meet one man let alone three that look exactly like me. We all wore this black suite, white shirt with a long silk black tie.

“I just can’t wait to hear this one’s first question after he woke up.” Said another me.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“A-ha! So, there IS a stupid version of Mr. Jack after all.”

One of me made a remark and the other two laughed.

“The question is,” said another me, “how do we get the hell out of here!”

At this point I decided to number myselves. A, B, C and my very self is D.

“I’ll get on in straight.” Said A.

“I, I mean, we, do not exactly know what’s going on. Each of us woke up just like you did and found ourselves in this situation. There were some guesses but nothing intelligent in particular.”

“Nothing intelligent?” Asked B in a very cynical way. “Mine was quite intelligent, I think.”

“There you said it yourself. “I think.” Apparently only you think that it was intelligent.” A made a remark that C seemed to agree.

“What was you guess?” I asked.

B looked at me and said “Well, at least there is another one who would listen to me.”

“That’s because he just woke up you fool.” Said C.

“Whatever. Maybe this one can actually make sense to my explanation. See,… I think we time travelled and collided here in this,…” he looked around, “…white cube or whatever. Consider this place as something sort of a bust station.”

“Many times I said we don’t time travel by bus.” A made that cynical comment to C and they both laughed.

“Shut up. It’s just a metaphor.” Defended B.

“Stay like that. Don’t get any logical or I’ll start seeing you as a stand up comic.” Said C before him and A laughed.”

“Whatever, dude.” B seemed so upset.


(to be continued)


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5 responses to “FOUR MEs–Part 1

  1. Renotxa

    Om…lanjutin om.
    *gedor pintu.

  2. exort

    kapan nih sambungannya keluar? jangan lama2 dong

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