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“There were three bottles on the table but only one contains potion.”


I did not recognize the voice, really. My world wass fuzzy. My concience was taking a day off. My eyes’ wiper got broken. And I had trouble downloading my sanity. Seriously I was in a dump and I had that choice.

“Why did I have to choose after all?” I asked the crowd.

“You didn’t.” One of them answered. “You WANTED it.”

“Why,…once again? I was probably mistaken, really. I mean, why would I?”

“We asked that of you earlier, mate. You said you wanted to prove that you have this lucky charm that will keep you out f trouble. You insisted, mate.”

“I did?”

The whole world nodded.

Then I guess there was only one thing to do. I took one bottle…the one on the left. As I did, everyone was cheering like lunatics. Then the light went off. It was like the sound system shut down and the sound of the crowd dissapeared.


I was in a room. It was a very bright room. It was so bright that it was blinding. I found the source of the loght. It was a pendant on my very own neck. I took it. Then the light started to dim. And when it did there were words and numbers. They were not clear enough…

“Expiry date ……”

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I'm a true ARIES--If you know what I mean. If you don't, google it:)

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