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Tonight I cried

Tonight I cried.

I cried.

I just found out three limits that I and people crossed each other despite many warnings from each party. If any of you three read these posts, these are the things unsaid in me:

1. I used to know you. You used to know me. We read each other like story book children. Now what are we? Just two thick¬†encyclopedia and we want to see the middle pages? If only you see that I have opened the first pages but you still sealed yours. I guess “Meet me half way” is just a title of a song.

2. As rules are meant to be broken, are limits, too? You are just a Mexico, A promised land, An Arcadia to me. And I was tempted to get there to you. And you know that, too. Or you don’t? And how about you? I can’t read your mind. I do it to others but not you…not you. I was too mesmerized to do it to you. I understand Ms. Meyer now. It’s your fault! I hold you responsible!

3. Now YOU! How many times have I painted the line? MANY! What colors do I use? BLOOD RED! How long was the line? I pretended that I know eternity. Two words for you: FUCK OFF!

And I couldn’t even see the words I was typing for tonight.. I cried.

I cried for the mother of the tears. I cried for the water that used to be the tears. And I cried for the all the tears make my eternity-length blood-red line faded.

I cried.

Tonight I cried.

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