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Playground of the 30th century

We heard a long beep. We rushed out of  the glass class and suddenly we were at our playground. There were four of us. Mkrai, Jeoy and Droid and I—Ninia.

Droid swap his card on a stick labelled SWING standing on the ground. One swing sprung out of the ground. It was a meter high. He pressed some buttons and it went up as high as 5 meters. He sat on the metal seating, pressed on the “UP” button and he was in the air. He adjusted the speed and the degrees in which he would swing and there he went swinging and screaming like crazy while singing “On a high” the remake version of Duncan Sheik by DJ Millennia which was popular in the 30th century.

Mkrai was a doing something else. He was pressing buttons choosing planes. He chose the latest US military plane and when he pressed “ENTER” it appeared with a kind of metal stick locked on a pool.

“Up, up and away.” He shouted as the plane took him circling 5 meters above us.

“Jeoy, c’mon!” Mkrai shouted at Jeoy who was still busy pressing buttons on a panel. He wanted to make sure that everything was right before he started climbing. With the muscles that he had for a 10 year old, he shouldn’t have had any problems climbing any rock. But there he was being a perfectionist and all that, he made sure that he could climb with the right challenge—level 7 out of 10.

“Coming!” He replied with a very loud volume. He strapped his ropes and took his first step climbing the virtual wall.

And where was I? I was having a British tea with my virtual favorite doll—Barbiena—the seventh generation of Barbie which was very popular in the 19s.Barbiena and I was just discussing what to wear on her cousin’s (his uncle’s daughter which so happened the direct descendant of Ken the third who practiced polygamy—wedding party in Spain. We were browsing on the summer collection via our iSee—a mind-directed gadget.

For sometimes we were having fun. The boys went down from the sky and asked me to go back to class for MANTECH—a lesson about human and technology. The boys mocked me for playing with Barniena. I ignored them. What else could I say? I was just a happy girl of the 30th century. The boys would not understand.

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