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Freakin’ workaholic

It all began on January 3, 2010. I broke up. And I tried hard…..God knows, get back to my ex. I failed.

Then I decided to owe people some money to buy a laptop. I did. Every time I was reminded of a tree where I expressed my sadness that very night, I turned to my laptop. I tired my brain to stop thinking about that very moment. It worked. But,…

It made me the way I am now. I am a freakin’ workaholic! I suffer from terrible insomnia sleeping only two–or if I am lucky–three hours per day.

Am I happy? I am and I am not.

Well,…your past experiences make you who you are now.  I do hope you got a good one.


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I'm a true ARIES--If you know what I mean. If you don't, google it:)

2 responses to “Freakin’ workaholic

  1. qq

    You know what? It’s the bad experience that teach you and make you the way you are now. Don’t regret it, everything happens for reasons. You need to meet some people and fail them before you meet the right one. Been there done that and still thankful.

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