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A friend that isn’t

Seriously,..what is a friend to you?
Well,..I am not sure about the answer. But I do know what a friend is not!
1. A not-friend is someone that just don’t see your the importance of things you consider important.
Often times I just do not need someone to agree with all the decisions that I make and all the things I say. I do not need a friend to agree with me. I need someone who sees the importance of my views and feelings. If you disagree with me, but still want to be my friend, then just see how some things matter to me the most! Is that hard to do? It is not that hard to me. If you think that it is hard,..then you are already NOT my friend.

2. A not-friend thinks that his or her opinions are just as important as mine when I am upset. If you think that I should hear your opinions after I got all mad and almost put myself to jail for killing the person that i hate at a moment by telling me your valuable opinions, you will be on my NOT-FRIEND LIST. You opinions matter after I am calm and realize the situations better!

This is the mad-Je writing. We can be friends again later when I am not mad. Meanwhile,…stay away form me. Take it from others, do not want to hear, see and feel me barking!


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6 responses to “A friend that isn’t

  1. mariskova

    One number for one person? A friend is someone who can take in whatever you say in this post and still smile at you (and/or talk to you) when s/he sees you.

  2. Je

    Narcis ngomongin diri sendiri. LOL. tp untung you are only 30floor away. Atau 4? Kalo yang 5 diitung berarti 4 kan? Aaaaarrrggg!!!! I just don't do numbers!!!! LOL.

  3. Anonymous

    still mad with me my frend? honestly i miss chit chat with u

  4. Je

    anonymous: i dont know u coz u r anynomous.

  5. Je

    X: U shud be asking yourself that question. And anw, there's another way to communicate about this…a more descent one. I have tried. And that's the choice I made. And you have made yours.

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