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The 6th rule in my love life

           “I have waited for the length of my hair.” Kiki once told me that beautiful sentence. She once waited for his ex-boyfriend to come back to her. She waited from when her hair was shoulder-length until it reached half her back.
I am not going to do that for my ex-boyfriend. I am waiting for him now but I told him that it would be only for an hour. I dont have all the time in the world to grow my hair. Besides, I like it short! I am much of a logical than a romantic chick.
Being very logical and all that, I decided not to tell my present boyfriend about this meeting. For me, this rendevouz is just th one between two old friends. That’s it!
Sure he held my hand so right. Sure he touched me on the right places. Sure he worshipped me with the magical words coming out of his sexy thin lips circled with his walrus beard and manly goatee. Sure he waited patiently for my make-up process. Sure he surprised me with small but perfect gifts—the one he made, not bought!—for our special days that he created by himself. There are a lot of them. For example, our first meeting, our first hands-held, first movie, first date after we became lovers, first trip together to Jogja, first photograph taken together, first fight, first got angry at by my parents, …
Oh my God!!! I still love him!!! This is so wrong!!! I always tell myself not to meet any of my ex-es I still have feelings with when I am in a relationship. That is the 6th rule in my love life.
My hands trembled so quickly. I looked at my watch. I looked at my shirt. It’s maroon—his favorite color which I chose in purpose to make him happy. I cheked on his last message 30 minutes ago after I told him that I had arrived at our used-to-be favorite restaurant.
“I have to go!” I said to myself. I replied the message:
“Mom called. Emergency. Gota cancel. Sory. Forgive me?” I waited until the delivery report notofication. After that I shut my laptop down and was going to put it inside my bag when I heard a deep voice behind my back.
“Sure I’ll forgive you. What happened with your Mom?”
I turned my head and saw the ex-botfriend of the year with a very sexy girl he was holding on the waist.
“Oh, anyway, this is Michiko—my girlfriend. She is going to meet her collagues here, too. Is your Mom ok?”
I did not answer his question. At the end of my waiting there was only one thing in my head…
The 6th rule in my love life. 
This is special for “Kiki”… somewhere out there.

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I'm a true ARIES--If you know what I mean. If you don't, google it:)

3 responses to “The 6th rule in my love life

  1. Daffodil

    i don't know about you, but i think your number 6 is going to be number 1 on many people's list, Je.

  2. Kiki

    I can't believe you still remember that sentence, je..*hugs*Actually, it was not half of my back,it was almost reaching my hips..^__^..miss you~

  3. Je

    daff: well,… hehehekiki: i do keep my word, gal :)Mz u, too 🙂

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