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Who can give the best advice to a chef?—a diner.
Who can give the best advice to a performer?—an audience.
Who can give the best advice to a writer?—a reader.
Who can give the best advice to a boss?—an employer.

I am asking and answering those questions above based on my experience in life–the last three at least since I don’t cook for the sake of all stomachs in the world. LOL.

There I was in a team designing a advertisement for a project in my company. I drew this and that–not perfect–I don’t have to say. Then I gave the idea to someone who will work his magic turning that sketch to a visually informative add on an high-class newspaper. That easy? The drafting and the transferring messages are, but not the approval.

My boss just gave me a call informing–not asking my opinions–who am I, anw???–that the concept of the add stays the same as the previous one. I asked why…but deep in my heart. It was because I knew for sure that it was useless for me to ask such a question. So,…I guess my friends and I will have to see the same concept of an add for our events next Saturday.

To me the thing got a ot further than that. To me, it’s about the trust that people should give to others in doing their job. Otherwise, we just have to do AAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL the things by ourselves.

If I were a person who thinks negatively positive, I would just consider what happened as “another easy money project”. Unfortunately, I am not like that at all. I am the kind who would loooooove to make mistakes only to see if something works. But of course I should see whether or not the mistakes concern life and death.

I was disappointed in what happened. I said to myself that if one day I become a superior, I would give more responsible trust to my employees. So,..reading that idea,…would you like to work with me someday? LOL.


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2 responses to “TRUST

  1. Daffodil

    it was said, it's in writing.i see a sign. wakakakakakak.

  2. Je

    written or oral as long as the message gets thru' 🙂

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