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So it’s March.

I remember back when I was young (ehm,..ehm,..) I always decided a theme for every month of the year. One of the theme I chose in March 2008 was CHARMED MARCH. I listed down things I had to do that month. Out of many things, I remember two:

1. Forgive Salim

Salim was a friend of mine who was very,..I duno. He enjoys arguments a lot. He thrives from them. He lives for them. He would come up to a friend and would start a question like:
“What do you think of the politics these days?”
And before anybody realized it, they were involved in life and death arguments as if there were no tomorrow or classes to attend.

Once he said something rude about my being an arabian. Now, those times were the times when I–just like other teenagers–questioned my being. I had always been an Arabian and that had always been fine until,…I realized that being an Arabian meant being different.

Often times I got upset when people ID me as an Arabian. Hehehe. That very Salim mocked my race once in front of my face. I went fused!!!! And we got into a debate and later a fight about it. Salim got me, alright. O yes, he did push a button.

Then I decided to stay away from him. Why would I stay close? Somehow, I believe he would need me more than I needed him. And I was right. The English tests moment came :).

And so he was trying to sit next to me and I surely was up in the air about the situation. I decided that I talk to him and tell him what had happened from my Arabian eyes. I preached him about life as if I were waaaaaaaaaaay older than him. When he wanted to cut in, I stopped them and continued talking. I got him alright. But after that, I became his Arabian friend again :).

2. Self-appreciation

The second thing during the CHARMED MARCH was my effort to earn my own money giving private lessons to a man who was muuuuuuuuuuuuch older than I was. It was a big step and I made it, I think. I got paid for Rp. 2.500 per hour. And when my payday came, I asked my sister to accompany me to Pasar Ungaran to buy,….GORENGAN. LOL.

Now, I have been thinking, should I use CHARMED as the adjective for my MARCH this year?

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I'm a true ARIES--If you know what I mean. If you don't, google it:)

3 responses to “CHARMED MARCH

  1. Daffodil

    if i may suggest, HAPPY march. for all happiness that's coming your way. πŸ˜‰

  2. Je

    HAPPY March is great although Tahun Macan bilang gw bakal sial and sedih banget taun ini. LOL.

  3. syndi

    what bout march in love gitu pak…hihihi….:)…sekalian doa lah…^_^

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