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My Unsent

Dear you,

Every time I try to be in contact with you, I always start with this great reminders of feeling. I can’t get rid of your pearly white teeth. You show no fear of showing them to the whole world. Why should you anyway? They are magical. In a way that they make people lost. And how about the blush on both of your cheeks? They are defined as a new colour in the spectrum. And the feelings you bring up just by being yourslef,…they steal words.

And then I started rekindling the great past. They outnumbered the bad ones. And then I said I miss you. And you laughed. And I said I got the message. And you went mad and said that I was misunderstood. There were countless failures of my effort in understanding you now. Either you were getting complicated or I just lost my ability in several battles of wining you over those pricks.

I resort to the last one. I have always been the not confident one. I blame myself coz it’s easier that way. Coz I got used to it. Coz you are the perfect one in my eyes. I changed glasses, indeed. But I don’t change my eyes! They are the same pair seeing you the greatest ever.

But what do they mean tonight? They mean nothing coz my unreturned “I miss you.”

Was it because of that thing? That thing that you said destroyed you? Had I begged for you to suffer from amnesia on that one, would you? Coz I banged my head on that very wall and I tired myself of that road that night I walked. All I want from you is the impossible. That you see me through your eyes like I see you through mine.

And once again:

I changed glasses, indeed. But I don’t change my eyes.


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I'm a true ARIES--If you know what I mean. If you don't, google it:)

5 responses to “My Unsent

  1. syndi

    i feel a sadness, a deep sadness (hiks..)reading this,sir…or i juz exagerrating…?hihihi…^_^

  2. syndi

    i feel a sadness, a deep sadness (hiks..)reading this,sir…or i juz exagerrating…?hihihi…^_^

  3. Je

    nothing exaggerating on this one. I am sad. know wat,.cant wait to read ur blog..

  4. syndi

    lho…kepost dua kali..hahaha…well,i'm right then…hmm..i dun have any blog sir,i'm bad at writing…wkwkwk…btw,i really like this one…

  5. Je

    Thank you, Sindy 🙂

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