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I was in a car with a very nice driver and two experienced friends. We were talking about how people suffer in this world in their own ways. There was a case happening to my sister that I think exceeded her and my standard of suffering. However, two of my friends said that was nothing compared to what had happened to them. What I dislike about what happened was the standard they set to measure what happened to me and my sister. Well,…in my opinion, we can’t do that. A case should be seen from various angels that are suitable. I mean,..let’s put it this way,…

A friend told you that he is busy. How would you respond:
a. OMG, you must be tired.
b. OK
c. You call yourself busy??? Look at the President!!! He wakes up early and bla,..bli,…blu…

Look,…no doubt that you might be super busy. But I was talking in a certain context. And I ain’t no mean the president. A bit disappointed on what happened.

So, now do I have to make sure that things I say match THEIR standards? Well,…maybe in several years I can talk about things freely to you guys. For now,..I am seeking refugee to those who would listen to certain things without demands.

Thanks anyway for anything.

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5 responses to “Standard

  1. Daffodil

    mau komen tapi takut.jangan jangan gue juga suka gitu….*reflective mode. hihihi*

  2. syndi

    sir,I like your line "a case should be seen from various angels that are suitable"…(sambil wondering,gw gitu gaya…hohoho…)

  3. Je

    ho oh,…kesannya serius gt ya. kakakakakakakak.

  4. mariskova

    Ken, ada yang gak setuju tuh sama elu! LOLMy comment is "why didn't just say this in front of those two friends?"

  5. Je

    mariskova: coz i thought that my friends were in need of a peace of minds. sian liat muka nekuk mereka.LOL.

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