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THE Taxi Driver

I was assigned to give a training in Fatmawati. I knew that it’s going to be a filling one since the mothers (the participants) will bring lot of lots of lots of lots of food for the coffee break. So i took it. No need to think it over 🙂

During the weekends I tried my best to work on the presentation, but I ended up having a bit of too much fun until the night before the presentation. Did I get trouble? O yes! Did I flunk? O NO! 🙂
I managed to get everything done by the night and went very early in the morning to my office to print things. Then I stopped a taxi and went to Fatmawati…and my life will never be the same again!!!! (Gong sound ringing. LOL).

When I went inside, the taxi driver greeted me and asked me question of why I was still wearing a tie and all that instead of enjoying my day offs. The conversation went on QUICKLY with the reason of why he was still behind the wheel instead of enjoying his day offs. He started to say things like he needed money because he got sick (I forgot what it was). He even grabbed two plastics of medication of three kinds, I guess and showed me that. He went on asking me for some extra money to help him.

What did I do? I just said “YES”. I mean,…what else could I say? The thing is I am a man who believes in signs. And lemme ask u this question: “Out of many taxis passing by and of those I ignored coz I wanted to enjoy my cigarette, why didn’t I ignore that particular taxi? I still had my cigarette with me and I waved at him anyway. There’s gotta be a reason, right?”

Did I tend to give him some money like he asked? O yes, I did–because of that sign of life.
Anw, I was thinking wild and was really close in saying “If you can take me to Fatmawati in half an hour, I will double the fare.” LOL. I was truly inspired by TAXI–the movie. Then I thought to myself,..I would be very mean if I did that although I must say that if he did reach Fatmawati in half an hour, I would have better, cooler posting :).

Anyway, he continued telling me story about his life. He got sick and just a couple of nights ago he went home and heard a man’s giggle. It turned out that his wife was having a sexual affair when he came. And she did it in his house!!!

Now,…I know that some movies and TV series show this kind of stuff, but, …I had never heard it live from anyone until this morning. I asked further questions and he told me muuuuuuuuuch further about his family.

He and his wife got two sons. The older one was very embarrassed about what his mother did. She actually did things to attract that guy’s attention while the her husband was sick. She even invited the man for fun in the house. The youngest son was still about ten years old and I really hoped that he was not inside the house when the affair happened.

Anw,..he also told me that he got upset–who wouldn’t?–and got angry to his wife. Neighbors came in and finally the head of the society had to take part in the business. The head of the society helplessly said to him that there was nothing he could do with the fact that the wife herself initiated the affair to take place in the driver’s house!

Well,…I took a pity for him…until there was us in the traffic light and he took out a hair clliper. He used it to pull his facial hair in a very scary way. I jumped out my seat many times watching the effort. That must have been hurting!!!!

All in all,…it was a one hell of a ride in a way. I doubled the fare and went inside to meet my mentor 🙂

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3 responses to “THE Taxi Driver

  1. Daffodil

    got a taxi driver who was a plucker. and my heart shouted 'AW!OUCH!' every time the hair was off. LOL.

  2. mariskova

    why can't you have a nice ordinary day like most people? like me?

  3. Je

    daff: wana exchange driver? hahahahakova: o rili? wana see how ur days are thru my eyes? LOL

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