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An introduction to DENIAL

“I come back.”
“I know.” My alter ego said.
“So I am right.” He added.
“I don’t know.” I hesitated for a while. His benefit theory seems rather cruel to me.
“O yes, you do. If I were wrong, I would not appear. As a matter of fact, my appearance here stated that you think I am of benefit.”
“And what benefit would that be?”
“You will know in time.”
“Why don’t I know it now?”
“O, you do know it already. You just haven’t admitted it yet.”
“Is that even possible?”
“It’s called “denial”.”
“Denial, huh?”
“Yes. You have it but you don’t admit it.”
“And that happens because….” I put a dumb face to him in this complete-the-sentence activity.”
“Because you are a human.”
“What?” I was a bit confused.
“Humans do that. They deny things when they do not want to admit them because doing that will shake their self-being.”
“So, you are saying that if I admit that you so-called benefit theory were true—even at the slightest—my being as a human will not be ok?”
He didn’t answer me.

He just nodded.

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