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“Welcome to Emotionology class.” Prof. Hedium greeted the students.

“Today we are going to go on with our previous discussion last meeting. 

Mr. Hart,..just what did exactly we discuss if you are kind enough to 

remind us?”

“The theory of Multiple Emotional Intelligences inspired by The Multiple 

Intelligences Theory introduced earlier by Howard Gardner.” Jeremy Hart 

answered that question with confidence.

“Great! I believe we all still remember Mr. Gardner introducing the multiple 

intelligences theory saying that each human being is smart! Our brains are 

capable of being potential in many fields. It started from 6 intelligences and 

growing until 14. And how about our hearts? A research by a Chinese 

psychologist concluded that each human being is capable of having one 

stronger feelings over the others. Some will be easily jealous more than 

others. Some others would fall in love easier than the others. It was not 

explained in detailed versions when emotion first studied by..who Ms. 

Gragi?” Professor Hart looked at Jennifer in an inquiry way.

“James and Lange?”


James-Lange theory suggests that Emotions are results of changes in our 

bodies. Later on, the theory was confirmed by the Chinese biologists 

studying LIMBIC SYSTEM–parts of our brain supporting the existence of 

emotion. And today,…we are going to observe that in detail by dissecting 

human brains!” Prof. Hedium grinned.

“Go to your dead bodies, everyone.” He ordered and was obeyed by 

youngsters in the lab.

“Your objective is to make some profiling of what kind of person the dead 

body was. In an hour, I want you to analyse the dead bodies’ emotional 


“In front of you is lying deceased humans approved by their family for our 

study. Make their death useful by learning how LIMBIC SYSTEM works. 

After an hour, I want you to check your answers with the slides I have 

with me. Got it?”

“YES!” Everyone in the room shouted in agreement.

“Well,…let’s slice some brains!”

With that command, everyone turned to their table and started dissecting 

the dead body’s brain. They observed, argued each other and jumped into 

conclusions–some are forced by majority votes of the groups.

In an hour, everybody was seated.

“Group 1. You dissected body number 1, yes?”

Group one nodded.

“Your analysis indicated the high function of Hypothalamus. The feeling of 

being horny all the time? Is horny even a feeling? And you said that the 

dead body was sexually active?”

The class burst into laughter.


“YES!” All the members of group one applauded themselves and other to 


“Body number 1 is… I mean, was, Jonathan Hamburg. He had this record 

of raping young ladies of teen age due to high sexual desire. His 

psychological analysis showed that he was incapable of controlling his 

sexual desire. He always felt aroused even by simple things.”

“Group 2. You wrote here the Nucleus Accumbens was over the avarage 

amount. You predicted the dead body as a junkie. Correct!”

The same reaction happened and this time toward group 2.

“Body number 2 was Jamie Hatch. His criminal record can substitute red 

carpet on Award Shows. And mostly it was on drug use based on is feeling 

of addiction.

The analysis went on groups by group until the last one.

“Well,…your group detected high sensitivity of Dentate Gyrus. You 

analyzed that the person to be a lazy one? The pursuit of happiness as in 

being adonis?


“The need to feel happy is vast on the dead body. She would do anything 

to skip obligations and after the happiness. It was her addiction. She left 

everything that made her human. She went on being in a paradise of her 

own. Never marry a girl like her.”

Everyone in the class laughed. However, a sentence form Prof. Hedium 

stopped them.

“I was married to her.”

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