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A and B and PSs

A: “I don’t have any money.”
B: “I am not asking for your money. I am asking for your company.”
A: “But I will feel bad if I don’t contribute anything.”
B: “You can take the next turn. No problem for me.”
A: “But it’s gonna cost us much.”
B: “No, it won’t. Just the entrance tickets and a couple of thousand of rupiahs worth the fun!”
A: “It’s gonna cost more. I will drink, obviously.”
B: “Well,…don’t drink much. Tell you what, I will not drink so you can use my money to buy drinks.”
A: “I would still feel bad about it. Next time, ok?”
And next time it was! B finally went to that place and got drunk.
PS: Without A.
A:”How about the beach, huh? Nice, right? Just you and me and the wind and the wave.”
B: “And some parents and some kids and some maids. It’s holiday season.”
A: “Then wouldn’t it be the best time to hit the beach?”
B: “And the most crowded as well. Few more weeks, baby?”
And few more weeks, indeed, B went to the beach.
PS: Without A.
A: “You know what, hot days like this is nice for ice cream licking.”
B: “I got a mouth ulcer.”
PS: B said that while enjoying double spicy burger.
A: “Wish me luck next Thursday, ok. I got an interview from a very big company.”
B: “Really? Good for you. I am sure you can make it. But,…”
A: “What?”B: “Well,…actually I was gonna make up for what you missed this Wednesday. The clubbing, the beach, the ice cream. Oh, well,…next time baby?”
PS: Seriously,…do you—readers—need another PS after reading the mini dialogs above?

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