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Tomorrow Today: The Interview Part 1

The Interview
“Messing up with my DNA, huh?” I asked myself that question this morning when I woke up. I was still not sure about trying another gadgets but I didn’t really want to care about it much. I would rather get up, take a bath and be ready for the world. Today I had to deal with a person whose DNA must have been broken. That man was the feelingless man ever alive—my boss!
I entered a tall building. It was 35-story high. The taller the building, the more tiring it would be for the employees incase of fire drill. Well, I had mine last week right in this building where I work and it was terrible.
I work for a headhunter company. I conduct some initial interviews assessing candidates for positions they apply in companies that become my clients. Since I got this job, I felt that I did not really miss a lot of Saturday Night Live shows.
There was this one girl that I remember until now. Her name is Jean something. She had me and Andrea as the interviewer. We were asking her availability on working according to our client’s expectation.
“So, have you done something outside the demand of your previous company?” I asked.
She put on a dumb face.
“What do you mean?”
“Working overtime, perharps?”
“No…?” I was expecting that she elaborate her answer with explanations but she didn’t.
“Well,…let’s say that the company had a project that was beyond your working schedule.”
“Well,…I have this standard in working. It’s my body.”
Being a feminist, Andrea was shocked. She took over my question.
“What do you mean?”
“Well,… if I am tired, I will stop working no matter what.” The interviwee said.
“What do you mean?” Andrea was definately irritated since the answer was going to give all the women in the world a bad name.
“I meant… that, I guess.”
“Can you give us a situation maybe?”
“Mmm… I was working in a group with my friend doing a project. We planned to do it until six. And it turned out that the project was not yet finished until six. They wanted to go on longer but I told them that I was tired and needed to stop working.”
“And then what happened?”
“I stopped working.” She sort of thinking that Andrea was asking a stupid question to her.
“That’s it? How about your friends?”
“Well,… they seemed irritated but hey, my body said no for overtime.”
Andrea did not ask further questions and that meant only one—she was not going to promote the girl for the next interview. I was right! I was laughing outloud many times with my fellow co-workers when telling about that while Andrea got totally sick of her for not showing female equity professionally.
One thing got me thinking, though. Will she change if she were even given an opportunity to be better? When I told Jeff about it over lunch, he was just smiling and said:
“People don’t change, Na.”
“How do you know?”
“Coz DNA doesn’t!”
“Here we go again with another DNA talk. You mess up with DNA, though. It can only mean one thing—people CAN change.”
“You see, Na, the gadgets are working only temporarily. Tomorrow Today Inc. hasn’t found a method to lengthen the function of those gadgets.”
“That’s your next homework, I guess. My homework was only one for last night. I had to review a candidate’s profile. He was applying for a managerial position in a very high profile company. Gotta make sure that he was not aiming for the knowledge only. The company needs the fidelity! Hard to check, I must say.”
“Need a lie detector?”
“Yeah, right! Bringing a lie detector machine would be nice in every interwies we do!”
“I was talking about Tomorrow Today Inc. Here and Now!”
It kinda tickled me if Jeff says the tagline of the company. But I did think that he had something to offer.
“What is it?”
“Well,… it is not exactly a lie detector but it helps though.”
“Well,…you see, when you lie, there are some body languages that come out subsconciously. The gadget called Honestick helps strengthen the process.”
“C’mon, I have been in this business like for years by now. I know when people lie.”
“Well, Na,… I have been with TT for five years, I was offered to be a Director of the Research Departement you know and I…”
“What? You were offered that position?”
“No! Na, I was just lying to you.. You did not seem to notice.”
Shit! Jeff got me. He got me good!
“You got me!”
“I got you!”
“Now, tell me, how would you differentiate the body language of a nervous person, in an interview, and of lying? We get nervous when we lie, right?”
“True! You are smart, Na. But we are smarter. TT here and now does not play around with its babies, Na.”
Babies? Jeff is sick!
“We conducted researches and came up with some facts that when people lie, they tend to answer too fast, too long, make a slight movement that was not part of the regular movement they usually do. And Honestick strengthen the signs.”
Do I really have to believe this guy again?
“Meet me home tonight and I will let you try the Honestick.”
Would I drive him home and get this little gadget that to use in my next interview?

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