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Going back to Surabaya

How come there are no books discussing a pregnant sister? There are abundant on such books for husbands,..for parents,..but none for brothers! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
OK,…here is the thing. My sister is getting pregnant and I am making it a national issue. I believe meetings should be held. Articles governing the dos and the don’ts should be made. Military forces should be assembled. Emergency units should be trained and well-trained they should be! Chefs from the greatest restaurants should be called on upon request of a bowl of instant noodle! And the priests of the common beliefs should be summoned for preaches on patience. LOL.
The lost of the previous put everyone’s head down into mourning times that time. That’s why everyone is just so happy on this next attempt–so happy with the not-yet-born child that each of us turn into that ourselves. LOL.
My Mom spent her money building a special place for the upcoming baby in the living room. No, it’s not a comfortable and soft bed. It’s a long wooden bed!
“I want guests to be able to access the baby viewing pleasures. They can just enjoy the spectacles when we lay the baby there with a colorful bed and pillows and bolsters and dolls and…”
Suddenly I imagined a car showroom…
“I want a bowl of instant noodle.” A squeaking baby voice was out so loud and high. It’s my sister’s.
“I want you to make it for me.” Excessive information.
“Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?” As sqeaky as I could.
And Super Chef Je went to the kitchen to mix the poison for a smile on her sister’s face.
“Thanks, Je. It’s the baby.”
And the judges will see the baby as a good alibi for all the crimes!
“And so everyone is but overruled!”
“Je, you want to see how Dania looks like this old?” The containing sister—my sister container.
“Yeah, sure…bring it on!” Je—not sure of what he was going to see but is still stupidly on with the game.
“Looook!!!” The sister container happily showed him a magazine entitled:
I saw a picture of a drawing—a woman with the x-rayed belly and that thing that was supposed to be Dania’s kind. But there was a distracter, really. That women,…she was naked!!!! And my sister was standing behind me waiting for my ere..I mean,…reaction over the picture???????????? Kakakakakakakakakak.
I am extremely happy about this baby, you know. I even already have a special name for it. I will call her Dania—meaning fruit for harvest in Arabic. I told the parents:
“I don’t really care what name you give to the baby girl. I will still call her Dania.”
And when I stayed here on the first day, my sister in Semarang gave us a call confirming that she has been containing for the last three months!!!!!!!! W-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-W!!!
                A little this a little that. A big this a big that (I was talking about my two sister containers) make it a lovely Ramadhan for us J

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5 responses to “Going back to Surabaya

  1. Daffodil

    hahaha.the happy uncle-to-be is more anxious in giving names than the mother.wait a minuteeee! i did that tooooo!!! 😀

  2. Daffodil

    eh,btw….bosone sampeyan teng postingan niki rodho bedho. is it the influence from the books you've been reading?

  3. exort

    waahhh bentar lagi jadi om dongomnya daniabagus tuh namanya

  4. mariskova

    Met Lebaran deh. Dimaapin lahir batinnya nunggu sekali Lebaran lagi ya.Salam buat Eva. Ikut seneng dengan kehamilannya. I don't think I can symphatize and emphatize with your 'effort' to please the 'baby'. But may be my two brothers can.

  5. Je

    daff:nt deh kalo gw yang hamil, kaka gw yang bakalan heboh. kakakakakakanw, aneh gimana? so sweetly serious? LOLxort: iye xort. nyusul elo :)marisk: what did they do to you? oh, does that mean u r easy to please? LOL

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