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Going back to Surabaya

                I have to admit that there is something about being at home that makes me je—the child again. The je who eats a lot regardless the non-existance of hunger and the great presence of fat around the belly. Unlike in Jakarta where I practically live alone, eating much after fasting does not seem to be a pain for my stomach here in Surabaya. I just don’t know hoe that can happen. I guess I have to turn to Coelho’s The Devil and Ms Prym saying “Control is the key.”
                I did take hold of this. My bones were feeling weak due to less exercise I do here. I decided to go out to Plaza Suarabaya one night only to get my body moved. I went there fell in love with a BOSS. The trousers were great, you see. I tried them on and….I regretted having been slimmer. The number 38 was loose on me. The thing was that there were no other numbers smaller than the combination of 3 and 8. And so I was desperate.
                In my despair, an angel whispered to my ears: “HooooooooooooooooooY! Try Tunjungan Plaza!”. I followed the blur advice. I went out the Plaza Surabaya and stopped a while. I lit my cigarrette and said to myself
                “Yup! I’ll walk!”
And walk I did! It took around half an hour walking like a model from Plaza Surabaya to Tunjungan Plaza in search of THIIII BOSS! Arriving there, I pass this internet cafe provided by SPEEDY that had been there all along, actually. I had never visited that place until I moved to Jakarta. I mean,..I didn’t have any laptop back then. But wait!!!! I do now!!!
In the name of revenge,….. I went to the cafe and opened my notebook gracefully as if there were marching bands along with the opening lid! (Hihihihi…exaggerating as always in appreciating myself from what I have now that I din’t use to J)Anyway, I stayed there for nearly two hours and yes,….I forgot the BOSS. LOL. Maybe next time.
You see,.. I never let go one that I want when I see it!!!

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3 responses to “Going back to Surabaya

  1. Daffodil

    a half hour walk? ngga ada ojek yg empuk buat dinaikin dan diremes remes? 🙂

  2. exort

    hehehee makasi uda di GEDEIN hurufnya kayanya uda jd segede perut elo deh Je…LOL

  3. Je

    daff: elo kan di jakarta :)xort: mang masih inget perut gw segede apa? LOL

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