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Going back to Surabaya

PART 1     
               Just like the majority of people in Jakarta, we all leave this city to go back to our home during Lebaran. I did, too. And I got these things…
               My flight was on the 16th of September at around three. I managed to get to the airport in time to do all the checking in and stuff. I didn’t have the chance to hunt for books in PERIPLUS—my fav bookstore at the airport, though.
               Anw,…I was half way to sleep on the plane when suddenly I felt a strong and I meant,….STRONG impact on the plane that made me open my eyes only to find that my plane landed already. Goooosh!!! After I did what a man’s gotta do after flight–taking a pee :)–I went out to get home. There were several buses waiting for me and some men hailing at me. Am I that populer??? No!!! They just wanted to get me on to the bus. That’s all. And so I did. I spent Rp.15.000 to go to the bus station and continued my trip back home. A lot different from what usually happens in Jakarta–with Rp. 20.000 I could go home directly. At that time I really wanted to take a taxi so I could get some comfort. However,…a voice of a woman in the past appeared to me out of the darkness like a female ginny with all the smoke!!!!
              “You are still young, young man! Take a bus instead!”
              “And who are you?” I asked.
              “I am the goddes of stinginess!”
              “Oh,…no wonder.” I replied.
             I followed her advice. I took a bus and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan that bus was SMELLY–as in Goeslow! But that bus taught me a life lesson. It opened my eyes wide on the truths I have been forgetting.
             Two girls in their teen age came inside the bus with a guitar. They were bus singers. They complained to the co-driver about the Lebaran rate.
     “Why does it have to be Rp. 4.000?” Girl A
     “Yeah. No change for the passengers to give to us.” Girl B.
     “Yeah,…you are all be DEAD!” Co-driver.
     “Damn you!” Girl A
     “Yeah,…damn you!” Girl B
That co-driver was double damned, I guess.
     “Well,…who knows that the passengers will give us Rp. 1000” Girl A was very optimistic.
     “Impossible.” Co-driver.
     “You never know!” Girl B.
               And so they sang songs that I couldn’t hear coz I was at the backseat. Girl B was distributing envelopes to each passenger. I got one, too. I was a bit confused coz there were writings at the back of the envelope. The writing went:
     “Kami bukan pengemis. Kami hanya menyanyi di bis untuk biaya sekolah dan membantu orang tua kami. Mohon Bapak dan Ibu membantu kami.”
     “We are not beggars. We just some singers singing in this bus to get some money for our school and for helping our parents. Please help us.”
               There you go. I almost burst into tears. I imagined they were writing the same words on many envelopes for each passengers. We gotta appreciate efforts, right? I decided to slip some money from my change and felt good about it. I didn’t really care if they really used it for their school fee or not. After all, it’s the intention that matters, right? I am just happy that I took a bus instead of taxi 🙂

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6 responses to “Going back to Surabaya

  1. exort

    je, sori gw kali ini mau komen layout elo, ternyata pas gw baca tulisan elo yg puannnjang n berbahasa Inggris dia jam stg 12 mlm dengan mata sepet, gw susah bgt bacanya, tulisannya kekecilan n warnanya ga tajam, bsk aja deh gw baca lagi semuannya pas siang2hv nice mudik ya je

  2. Daffodil

    jadi? udah mau mewek pas baca tulisan di amplop?mmm,kayak apa ya tampangnya Je? hihihi.

  3. schultz

    nice post..membagikan sedikit berkat dengan tulus merupakan kebahagiaan tersendiri..Selamat hari raya idul fitri Je.. Mohon maaf lahir batin.. 🙂

  4. Je

    xort: iya,…next time gw gedein ya. ada alamatnya keturunan McErot g? LOLDaff: lo juga pernah bikin gw mewek, tau!schultz: hehehe. makasi ya. maaf lahir batin :)kapan ke jakarta?

  5. exort

    duh duh ternyata elo dermawan bgt ya

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