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Turkish Dance

       I was visiting one famous mall in southern Jakarta–Pacific Place–when I came across a show they were putting on in commamerating Ramadhan–Fasting Month.
      I entered the mall and the mall greeted me with the sound of Arabian music. Few steps later, I found five men wearing whites and Head Cap and sitting down not doing anything but breathing. 

The music then started to go with faster beats and they stood up and made the in-trance-movement as if no one else were there watching and taking photographs of them.

      They went on and went on and got faster as the beat did. Flashes were there and often and they were the stars!!! I took a video shot but not too well since I had to gather with my friends for the break of the fast. It was a great experience, though.

      My friends and I always think that the particular dance comes from Turkey. Is that so? I am not sure myself. So, if you happen to know where it comes from and the philosophy behind it, please share :).


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3 responses to “Turkish Dance

  1. exort

    filosofi ya yaitu:pusiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnggggggg

  2. Daffodil

    kalo menurut penjabarannya, tarian ini semacam zikir juga. jadi ketika mereka 'menari' ada unsur mendekatkan kepada Tuhan. Ada forumnya sendiri loh.

  3. Je

    xort: baca tuh komennya daff.daff: baca deh komennya xort.LOL

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