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Another cool site!

       I found the another cool site I definitely bookmark on my computer. Check out the STRANGE FACTS! This site is just my kind. So, I am strange????? What a statement! LOL. No,..I just love trivias–got you look smarter cheaper than 4 visibility tubes :).
       If you follow the link, especially on page 1, you will find a fact about playing cards. It goes like this:
The king of hearts is the only king without a moustache on a standard playing card! Now, I got a similar story to that.
       When I was small (i kno,..i kno,..unbelievable, right? LOL), I had two sets of playing cards. I jumbled them together to play tarrotian that time. Then I started to notice that two of the Queen of Clubs are the only kingdom members that face the opposite direction compared to others!!!
        That fact led me to write a story about how those queens destroy their kingdom due to a simple disagreement. How cool was that!!! Hihihi. It didn’t go any cooler though since I did not continue the story and actually I do not know why I didn’t… Oh well..
       Tell you what, guys. Check out your playing cards one by one (don’t you dare tell me that you don’t have any. LOL) and find strange things in them. Who knows you can come up with an idea to write a story about:)


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