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       Guys,… I found this very cool blog about super heroes. Here’s the link…click here. This website contains characters that we see on films.
       It got me into thinking. How come there is no such characters representing blog? Well, the blog that I link above uses the name: SUPERBLOG. Maybe there should be SUPERBLOGGER. It’s just a thought 🙂
         And here’s another thought…would it be nice if we come up with super characters with super ability and super tragic and demonic and traumatic lives? Hahahahaha. Let me think about what I would be. For a start,…I have the name “Super Je” already. That’s nice,…according to me. LOL.
       Costumes! I want no mask. I feel OK with pimples and I do wana show my beard off to the world. LOL. And I wana wear tights!!! That’s what superheroes are all about, right? Even when CUT BRAY rocked!!! LOL. I do need robe. Gotta fly high and see things in a wider inch. And besides, would be nice if I do not only talk about the stars, the moon and the skies to someone without taking that person be around them 🙂 I think a kiss or two or more on the higher ground is sexy.
       Ability. Well,… the standard ability would be super strength, right? As long as I get both..super strength and flying ability, I don’t mind 🙂 Well, maybe extra clear visibility so that I cant take off my glasses. But, wait,…I like wearing glasses. Well, OK, the glasses stay!
        The romance. Gotta have a love story, right? The thing is,…most superheroes whose love stories publicly exposed deal with love triangle and mystery love and all that. I don’t want that. I want someone I can visit regularly on Sat nights. Gotta let it out and get it off, right? LOL. I am no saint super hero. No over publicity, though. Just quite a few photographs of us holding hands and me stealing kisses :).
       Partners in crime or I should say in good? Naaa…not opening vacancy. When it comes to saving the world, I am a one man show hero.
       Vehicles…no need. I fly. No engine no carosine needed. I am a pollution-free character. Earth-friendly one :). I am recycled???? Noooooooooooo!
        Weapon. Even as a child, I have been confused of choosing my fav super heroes. I loved Mandrake the magician who need not be in close contact just to beat a guy. However, indeed it’s a fun experience fighting raw like THE THING in Fantastic 4. But I think I wana have a weapon that I can use for close encounter or far ones. What would it be? I was thinking of a chain, actually. I find metal cool…especially on human bodies. I was thinking of a necklace I can wear that I can also use as a weapon in fights 🙂 It’s expandable, I guess. Hehehe. It’s like the macho version of a whip. Hihihihi (Wait,…I am superhero! I cannot laugh “Hihihihihihi.” Should a super hero have a certain way of laughing? Wuuuuiiih,…that complicated. Maybe a super hero should go to JRP, first. LOL).
       Well,…a dream is always nice to write. Now the last thing I need would be a sentence as my trade mark. Mmmmm…. that I don’t know yet. Hehehehe.
       Now,…what have been the super hero image of you that you have since the first time you read this posting? 🙂


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  1. Je

    who's urs, xort? 🙂

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