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Learned about Idol Factor on the weekend

I just woke up and didn’t know what to do. Suddenly I realized that I had a notebook and a pretty good internet modem and got connected to the world.
       Since it’s Saturday, I just wana have fun and develop my individuallism. Didn’t wana get involved with online interaction with people who may cause problems at all. So I decided to go to the music site I use as a reference of latest and hippiest song…BILLBOARD. Got some great songs to listen.


  I enjoyed the number one song, of course. BLACK EYED PEAS’ FEELING is very nice to listen. Kinda song that makes you nod and nod and project urself on a dance floor…if u kno wat I mean :). Another song is also cool although the lyrics are sooooo boyband :). Check out Jay Sean with Lil Wayne on DOWN.


The thing about surfing is…you never know where you might land. I stopped by YOUTUBE and found out that SHAKIRA got a song entitled SHE-WOLF. I couldn’t find the video directly. Instead,…I got lost to an account by someone who is very creative, I should say. He creates SPOOF videos from the original ones. I went to check on the SPOOF version of SHAKIRA’s video. It was,….well,…hehhehe. Go check it by yourself.

       Anw,…there was a caption on checking the original version before tuning in to the SPOOF one. So I clicked the link but it says that Ms. SHAKIRA’s video kinda feel upset being played in your country at the moment. LOL. 
      I scrolled a bit down on the screen to check out the comments made by people browing on this site. Most of them cursed YOUTUBE for not being able to solve the copyright stuff.
        I do mind that YOUTUBE got this issue. But I should say that I don’t mind that it does for the particular song. I mean,…we all know SHAKIRA, right? She’s like…somebody our mother would be jealous of. She has great songs and nothing but great ones…until NOW!!! The song sucks. The comments on YOUTUBE say the same. Something is touching though. There was one comment saying that (more or less) 
“Many artists and singers did a bad video during their career. They will get back on their feet in no time.”
It’s sweet the support that SHAKIRA got from him/ her/ whatever. That kinda support is what we need sometimes :). But do we have to be an idol first to get that? Well,…look around you. You got fans, I am sure 🙂
        I will just continue the browsing around until I have to go to a mall for a get together. Hope you get a great holiday 🙂

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4 responses to “Learned about Idol Factor on the weekend

  1. Je

    i am sure your weekend is nice, too 🙂

  2. exort

    waaahhhh sok tauuu… ga ngapain kok, alias bengong kepanasan tanpa rencana

  3. Je

    hehehe. gw kan dari dulu sok tau 🙂

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