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How do you know that u worth it?

The title came up based on my experience. This couple of weeks I have been having self-questioning about my future in the company I work for. I did share some thoughts and request some opinions from my friends–well, some others just think that they deserve to know and demanded to kno which I didn’t exactly know why. Anyway, I had these three best friends with their own colors. Let’s just say that they are red, green and blue.

I shared what happened to me to the three because I think each of them would give very nice and valuable thoughts about the WHYS behind the SHOULDs and SHOULDNTs. And so they did ( I am very glad that they did!). And there was a decision time. I decide to stay in the company with whatever come what may, lah. But I did something stupid. Or I shoudld’ve said…DIDN’T. I didn’t tell ALL of them about my decision. As a matter of fact, I told other colors when I didnt tell them.
Now,…now,…Let me do a couple of self-defense movements, ok.
The first reason and the biggest of all is that I did not think that my case is THAT important to them. I mean they have their own business and I know that they are freakin busy with so many things. And my case is just about a man who wants to quit his job. That’a all I have in mind.
The second reason that I told the other colors was that I came across them online and I seriously got things to discuss.
The third reason (for telling one of the colors intead of all of them) was that, one day I was stranded in my headquarter office–I work in a branch–and I got no place to go while waiting for my big boss. So I stayed there and shared to BLUE about my decision.
I guess I was not being fair to the GREEN and the RED. And that’s how I know how much I worth to all of them. Inspite of their busy busy busy (and busy) lives, they still thought of me. And I was always thinking that my case is just another dynamic of the office politics. Well,…I am learning my lesson now. Now I can say to myself:
“Je,….you worth your friends attention and vie versa!!!”
Sorry Green, Sorry Red.
Thank you Green, Thank you Red.

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4 responses to “How do you know that u worth it?

  1. Daffodil

    ck ck ck,kasian amat ya si green ama si red. kalo bisa milih, mereka pasti pengen dibilang blue karena blue itu warna kesukaan mereka. πŸ˜›

  2. Mariskova

    Tell me again, what color am I?

  3. exort

    i am not redi am not greeni am not bluei am just grayso…..

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