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Everybody’s in search of that thing.

Philosophers say “it’s the last piece of a big life puzzle board.”

The romantics go for “the life completion”.

The extremes label it “the life end.”

The optimists state it as “the light far away.”

I would just choose “that thing.”

We all would sacrifice everything for that very one thing. But what makes us willing to do so? What thing that great that consumes all the energy inside us? The one draining our sweat? The one squeezing the little brain—as we have run out of the big one? The one pushes us to ignore others? The one we love? Even our very selves?

And for how long? The rest of our youth—if we were that young? Until the grown of the whites in our beard? Until the fashion cycle back to the 50’s? Until roads full of tour of the aliens? Until we read “THE END” of a true untold story? Is there even an agreement of time?

Do we even know its coordinate? Are the compasses not out of order? What happens if we just don’t read maps? These days road signs are covered by the arrogant leaves. And they say water destroys rocks? Posts? Is it a desert? With the shifting sands of the whirling wind? Or we shouldn’t worry at all for we have a GPS! Do you really want to be driven by robots? I would prefer to go with my backpack like a real man of the adventure! There’s no guarantee of us not being lost.

If one day we woke up and found a new land, let’s just cheer ourselves for the invention. Let’s just fool the world of the following the new direction. We will come up with bombastic names: the lost world, the undiscovered till’ now, the new generation, the change of orientation, the new course of life—anything to cover the failure of our search. Anything so that we can still held our head up high for a recognition! Though inside we know that we are lost—that we have failed our very selves. The world need not know about it—just you and your deep inside…and a little drop of tears if necessary.

Is it happiness? Is it the completion of life? Is it love? Is it the wander of the mind? Or is it nothingness?

You tell me!

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I'm a true ARIES--If you know what I mean. If you don't, google it:)

4 responses to “THAT THING

  1. vemi

    it's interesting post:D

  2. Je

    thank you vemi. glad that it intrigues someone,…anyone!LOL

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