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My guess is…

I gave a training to several seniors in my office. I wrote a posting on a blog after that. FOLLOW THIS LINK. Apparently, the training has a profound effect–a serious one.

Here’s a complete background of the training. The sessions were designed in response to the misconceptions of people from the field in dong their practice. Hours after hours were spent discussing those things with the participants–mostly senior participants. My session was the last one. I decided to relate some points that the previous trainers missed out. Those were sensitive things.
At that moment I was a bit unsure to say those things left out. My consideration was that they are seniors. But I dis see the importance of informing those wrong practices. And so I did.
I coould actually see faces confessing things. Some other faces were more of shocked than of felt guilty. I empasized to the that those cases were real which data was gathered from FGDs, feedbacks and observation. I had good grounds–something I hold dear everytime I give a presentation.
Today–several days after the training, I met some of the participanst. Suddenly I was asked–if I couldn’t say forced–to tell them which participant I referred to when explaining problem A. I didn’t of course!
The conversation ended by me making a conclusion that I guess they were very reflective toward what they do–which is good.
At the end of the day, I contemplated with myself. Was I the right person to “fix” the problems? Anyway, I think what I did was only showing them data that things maybe wrong. Or maybe the fact that I was the youngest person in the room and facing seniors? But what does age have anything to do with all these? I thought it is already 2009.
Or perhaps it was just a case of being defensive.
Says who it is easy to be me???

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  1. Daffodil

    kalo buat gue susah jadi elo…. rambut dan bulu gue masih belom bisa nandingin… hihihihi…

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