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The imitation of Daffodil’s blog–Cepluk’s Kitchen

Welcome to Cepluk’s Kitchen straight from the exaggerating jupiterian. LOL.

Cheese Cake Factory has been my most and as a matter of fact, only favorite for cakes!!!

Tonight I bought MIXED FRUIT CHEESE CAKE from their store in South Jakarta. I was passing that road when I saw the logo calling me:
“Come,…come,…you can never hide from me! hi hi hi hi (Mc Lampir’s effect).

So I stopped by and looked at the collection of the cakes. I was looking for BLUEBERRY of course but I wasn’t lucky. However, I directly knew what I should choose instead. I went for MIXED FRUIT CHEESE CAKE


As you can see from the picture (mmmm yummyyyyyyyy) this is a state-of the-art cake. Everything about this cake is so soft….even the seller–I had to go like a deaf person confirming what I wanted. The fruit were very nice and not rude. Feels like I didn’t even have to chew them. They just flew along my deep throat leaving traces of the cheesy cream.
The coating looked like a fresh piece of wood being cut down directly from a mother tree for the pleasure of a hungry man. Who cared for mother nature when what’s in front of you is such pleasure for the eyes? LOL.
I was not satisfied with JUST the surface. Gotta go down deep. So I literally ripped the cake of and found…magic!!!!
The inside of the cake smelled very good and tickle my passion for anything!!! I tried to keep my cool by using the small spoon–I would prefer licked things. LOL.
I was thrilled to see the broken cake. Then I knew that this cake was not only arousing from the outside but it was also like that from the within it.
I went down on my knees to admire the beauty in its taste. Yummyyyyyyyyy. Now I understand why Dracula can’t stand the temptation of blood!
The cake seemed to challenge my manhood to finish it all. I took the challenge and destroy every inch of it…leaving the ruins of what used to be a temptating history of the great flour, egg, fruit and of course cheese!

“What a night.” I sighed.
Dedicated especially for Daff. Guys,…you’re next!

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4 responses to “The imitation of Daffodil’s blog–Cepluk’s Kitchen

  1. exort

    mmm..mau mamer bis makan kue enak ya??? hehehe

  2. Daffodil

    hihihihi….hihihihi….hihihihi….versi ini sampe ada 'manhood'nya.SEYEEEMMM!!!!

  3. Moonlady

    why did you leave out the kiwi fruit??

  4. Je

    moon: saving the best for last? 🙂

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