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selfish selfish me

In my present life time, I am a presenter presenting many presentations to teachers (four time variations of “present”). And currently I am working on one for some participants in my company.

When I recall how I am as a presenter, I think I am a selfish one. You see,… I like trying fonts and I like to see how they look like on the screen. However, they do not always look good printed. And that’s where the problem comes.
Reprinting can come three or four times due to my selfishness. Hehehehe. When I am writing this post, I have just printed one of my handouts for early August. Apparently, like other fonts of my choice, Candy Round BT joins the “let’s-show-J-how-selfish-he-is” club. Fiiiuuuuh…
I really do not want to change the font since it is relaxing, fun and non-threatening. So,…what I will do after this is dividing points on a slide into two.
Selfish me!

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I'm a true ARIES--If you know what I mean. If you don't, google it:)

One response to “selfish selfish me

  1. windearly

    to be selfish is not sin…it's just irritating!!!wakakaaaakkkk….(koq gue sewot gini ya?)

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