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what do you grow?

What do you grow?

Surprising as each day can be, people keep on inspiring me in many ways they may not realize! One example began when I dared myself by promising to my Manager for six speakers in a row for one of our sharing programs. She asked me what I wanted in return and I said:
“Cake. Anything with Blueberry in it!” ( I got a thing with anything Blueberry )
My big mouth was my motivator. I see myself as someone who keeps promises. So, when I make a promise, I will try my very best to keep it. As a promise has made, I went to the journey of catching presenters.
To my dismay, it has been a hard time to find six presenters. i got some names but some of them MAGICALLY…turned busy—busy thinking of choosing one out of thousands of ideas to present, busy with their own personal job desc, being appointed as the writer for the new President’s speech, preparing red carpet for the alien invasion, handling International singer’s concert, making sure that the grass are green, painting the sky blue and other micellanious things SUDDENLY coming up.
Did I give up? ALMOST!!! But then I thought of the sweet sour (just like life) BLUEBERRY cake I have enjoyed the day before when my Manager had her birthday when I realized that GIVING UP is a feature I rarely use in my job. I kept on going.

On my way of fighting the war, I came across this well-motivated young lady who always looks like she has just finished taking a bath—fresh face, wet lips, blink-blink eyes and all that—with a very fresh (Boy! She is!) idea. However, she got nerve constipation which should be normal. She politely explained things to me and I got them. She said that I have been an “ICON” for developing people in my company. I just said that I was once lost and alone with no one to guide me and open doors of opportunities for improvement. And now that I am in a position of unleashing the potentials, I do so. Then she said the magical sentence that made me far more laid-back of a person. (More or less) The sentence was:
“The thing grow people. You can’t expect them to bloom in one night.”


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  1. exort

    mmmm….baca entryan elo yg ini bikin gw ngilermau kue blueberry_nyaaaaaa………

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