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One of many rules of the game

I was chatting with a friend who has thousand of philosophies to this world. A kind of manual of life, according to me. Here’s what happened.
I was smoking during the break and suddenly a car arrived and parked in front of me. My friend came out of the car and joined me smoking and talking trash.

“Where were you from?” J
“Chess practice.” F (Friend)
“Who won? You?” J
“No,… I could win if I wanted to.” F
“Hahahaha.” J n F.
“Well,…here’s the thing, if you always win, then nobody wants to play with you. What for? Gotta give up sometimes.” F
“Got a good point there. You were making sense…today.” J
“Hahahahaha.” J n F.
The conversation ended up right there.But not my thought!

My inner-self made me think about what happened to me. Few happenings relate well to that several minute conversation. Here’s one:

I feel like I often giving up to people’s wish. I do things for others even though I do not really like. The thing is that, lately, I feel like winning. I want people for a once to do what I want. But I still do not get it.
To people out there,…you gotta let me have what I want and let me win sometimes!

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I'm a true ARIES--If you know what I mean. If you don't, google it:)

5 responses to “One of many rules of the game

  1. exort

    u r alwys get what u wanna get, rn't u? apa lg sih je yg belom elo dapatin???

  2. Mariskova

    1. This blog's font is still too big for me. And don't say the comment is unimportant only because the 'me' thing, or I'll never ever fix your blog again.2. I think I know your philosopher ;p. 3. People make you do what they want only because you let them. Though you cannot change their mental state (of your being so ehem sweet) overnight, you CAN. Just like Obama Yes-We-Can thing.

  3. Je

    xort: banyak lah,…mariskova: so when can you see mu blog for repair? LOL

  4. Anonymous

    nice lay-out Je 🙂 and i like the color…[fy]

  5. Je

    ano:thnx,…reveal urself!!!LOL

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