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How often do you clean up your DESKTOP?

I feel “itchy” when looking at someone’s desktop full of files and shortcuts. I feel “itchier” if I see them covering almost half of the desktop. Eeeeerrgggh!
OK, it got me into thinking. Why do we put all those files there, anw? Here are some answers I got from my friends:

“It’s the shortcut thing.”
“Didn’t have time to move them to where they belong.”
“It shows to my Boss that I ACTUALLY work.”

Well,…here’s what I think to those responses. I agree with the shortcut thing. It does save us a great deal of time to find a file. But still,… I myself put all of my shortcuts in one folder on my desktop. It says “OPEN IT, JE!” The folder contains my current works nad projects. Inside the folder, there is another folder that says “PRINT ‘EM OUT, JE!” since currently I am sharing a printer with a colleague (though rumor has it that I will get my owm this MONDAY. Yippppiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee).

Just like other people, sometimes I just don’t have the time to move all the files on my desktop to where they should be. That’s why when I am running out of idea (my job requires me to think a lot. Ehm,…ehm,…) I spend my time—this sounds like Eminem’s song—Cleaning up my desktop. I put all their folders. I even categorized them into many—BOY they are many!!!-classification. Some people say that I am very tidy. Some others say I am very complicated. I say…what do you care!

So you Boss thinks that you don’t work? Hahahaha. No comment on that one 

Whatever happens, I always try to have only one vertical line of files or software on my desktop. Here are the list of files or softwares on my notebook and what they represent:
COMPUTER—it’s everything, right?
AVAST—Gotta stay healthy!
ACER’s WIDGETS—All-in-one-click shortcut for my computer functions
J—my personal folders
GOOGLE CHROME—for internet use
SHORTCUT TO VLC MEDIA PLAYER—Gotta keep entertained!
YOU TUBE DOWNLOADER—finder…keeper!
OPEN IT, JE—My current works
FILES DOWNLOAD—Gotta know where the new files kept

How about your desktop, then? Should you need the assistance of desktop cleaning, click

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3 responses to “DESKTOP CLEANER

  1. exort

    plg males kl kebykan icon didesktop, ngerusak foto diwallpepper aja

  2. qq

    Hi Je, I found your link from Devina's blog.Agree with you and Exort, I don't like too many icons on my desktop either. Anyway, I love to organize my files even though if it's ended up unorganized 😛

  3. Daffodil

    blom pernah sih dapet warning 'there are unused bla bla bla'.lumayan lah kalo gitu kali yeee…. 😉

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