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Je with bracelet

Now, now,… what’s with the new look?
A Hindi friend of mine just got back from India and gave me this bracelet with Sanskrit language written around it. When I asked him, he said that it means: “God, I am welcoming you into my life.”
The bracelet is cool to my eyes. I decided to wear it to the office. There, I felt alone. Everyone thought that the bracelet didn’t match to my personality. What’s with that? I told them what it meant but they said that there are better ways to welcome God into mylife without giving fashion a bad name. LOL
I just responded: “Opinions accepted.”
My manager added: “The bracelet is OK. It just that that type (she was pointing at me, not at the bracelet) doesn’t go with a bracelet.” LOL
Well,… I keep wearing it anyway. Gotta feel comfortable about how we look, right?

–Je (with bracelet)–

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I'm a true ARIES--If you know what I mean. If you don't, google it:)

4 responses to “Je with bracelet

  1. Mariskova

    It's hurting the eyes! Aaaarrrggghhh….

  2. exort

    oooo. itu gelang yg elo blg kmrn ya? ternyata gelang baru toh??? mau pamer nih ceritanya …:)

  3. Je

    kop: well, let's just consider it a karma.LOLXort: iya xort. salah satu hasil harta gono gini. LOLelo kapan postiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing?

  4. je pas mule di bawa. coba ta translate ulang..

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