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Tomorrow Today—The Beginning

Inside the LABEL:Tomorrow Today the series:
And now…I know
The database

“I am all healed, Jeff.”
That’s what I said on Jeff’s door. I told him that PRESTIGEAR—the gadget he let me try was working well and stopped me from self-pitying myself about my break up with Jane. I also told him that that very night I tried PRESTIGEAR, I went to a night club and felt great about myself. I started to glance in a very naughty way to girls dancing and moving sexily.
“The vibe was so very right. I got turned on by just a single look from girls on the dance floor. I ended up having a girl on my bed that night. In the morning she told me that she admired my confidence. She said that I was walking as if I were in a no mens land but myself of course. Thanks, Jeff.”
“Good for you.” Jeff let me in and as usual, he glued himself to his work. On his computer screen was a picture of humans DNA animatedly moving.
“You are dealing with DNA now?”
“I have been doing so. How would you think the gadgets you use work?”
“You mean…”
“You know what I mean.”
“I don’t.”
“Not a good time for a lecture, Na. Busy here.”
“And just when are you NOT busy, Mr. Godbloom?”
“No last name!”
I know that Jeff really hates his last name and I kinda like teasing him with that.
“Well, Mr. Godbloom, do not tell me that you cannot explain a simple thing like the use of DNA in the gadgets. I believe… what was his name again? Your so-called competitor? The database guy? Doug who?”
“Do not try me!”
“I have started it. I am sure that Doug could just explain it to me or to anyone all these things with DNA quickly.”
Jeff seemed irritated and that meant I was successful. He looked at me seriously.
“He was just an opportunist without integrity, ok!”
“And what are you?”
“I am a true inventor who can tell you about how a gadget works with your DNA. Sit down!”
“I am sitting domn, Sir.” I WAS sitting down by his apartement window like I usually did if I were at Jeff’s place. Jeff looked embarrassed and just started the explanation. I won!
“You know DNA.
“You mean that collection of curves with red and blue somehow united like it is shown on your computer screen now?”
“Yes. Human DNA has been any scientists’ interests ever since humans know that we can mess up with it, right?”
“You tell me. My DNA is fine.”
“Was! You see, now we can break the DNA link and use a certain DNA-like creation to link it back again as good as new.”
I was startled. I did not know what to say. I have been a guniea pig for all this time—three times to be exact.
“You don’t have to give me that look. We are a bunch of smart ass here. We do things perfect. It’s tomorrow today here and now!” Jeff was answering my fear by saying the company’s tag line.
“It’s tomorrow today here and now! Right! Am I going to die?”
Jeff laughed out loud.
“You are my best friend, Na. C’mon! You gotta rate me higher than that!”
I was quite. I was very quite.
“Seroiusly, you have been doing safe things to my DNA, right?”
“Sure, Na.” He stopped looking at me and turned to his computer and whispered in a low voume:
“We have insurance.”
“What?” I shouted at the top of mu lounge. But Jeff was laughing at the top of his happy life. He looked at me again and put on his serious face:
“Na, you are safe. Tomorrow Today Inc.’s biggest achievement was that we invented a microwave that can stimulate human body to produce a membran on each end of the DNA link that we break. You see, everytime you try a gadget,…how many times has it been?”
“Seriously?” jeff nodded.
“The three time you tried gadgets, …well, we should say two. The database thing that the prick invented—Doug—does not work with DNA this complicated. Anyway, there is always a panel that you have to switch, right?”
“The panel sends a two kinds of microwaves to our body. The first wave creates the membran I was talking earlier. The second wave stimulates other parts of your DNA that we want to elevate.
When you tried the mood enhancer, the second microwave actually detected your heart activity and identified the longest wave length you produced. In your case it was jealousy. Sorry to remind you of what happened that night you broke up with jane. I didn’t mean to make it… .”
“OK, where were we? Right, the break up, I mean,…sorry. Oh, well, anyway, the wave length of your jealousy was broken. On each end of the link came up this membran I was talking earlier. Then the second wave link the two ends of your jealousy wave and whoaalaaaa… your feeling enhanced!”
“Different gadgets work with different DNA link.” Jeff added.
I was trying to digest everything by asking Jeff to repeat his explanation but I guess he was a scientist and not a lecturer for a reason—lack of patience. I was amazed and confused and worried and feeling other kinds of emotion in my heart. I wonder what DNA link was working at that time.
Jeff told me that he had this new gadget that I should try. I said “NO” for that night.
“Maybe next time.” I saw the need to be sure first that the gadgets will not ruin my body. Well,… Jeff did tell me that Tomorrow Today Inc. has insurance plan, didn’t he?


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